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  • What if I missed out on the last collection release and all covers are out of stock?
    Don't panic! I will have plenty of information on new collection releases on Instagram and Facebook. So follow us and find out all the information on upcoming covers and other merchandise.
  • Is shipping included when I buy a head cover?
    YES! Shipping inside the United States of America is included and will be shipped Priority Mail through USPS. However, if your located outside the US then additional rates do apply. Each country is different and rates vary depending on where we have to ship products to and what products are shipped.
  • What is an "Edition" and how does that affect the number of covers up for sale?
    An edition is the total number of prints made for a particular piece of art. This is considered a limited edition with the understanding that no further pieces will be made or produced later on. Each one of our covers comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered, and signed by the artist. This makes every cover more scarce, valuable, and collectable.
  • Are these covers considered collectors items?
    YES! Each piece was made with the intent to either be a collectors item or to one up your golf friends with! There are a limited amount of each cover made and all covers come numbered with a certificate.
  • Can I return a cover after I receive it?
    No. These are considered a collectors item made by an artist and are part of an edition. Each cover is hand inspected by the artist to look for imperfections and nothing is sold that doesn't match his high standards for quality. The only circumstance where an exchange is viable is if something happens in shipping and Golfiend is notified with 48 hours of receiving your purchase. Please see "Terms and Conditions" for more details.
  • Is there a store I can buy these from?
    No. The only place to buy Golfiend merchandise is on our website, any other place claiming to sell our products are scammers.
  • Does Golfiend have a membership that I can sign up for?
    At this time we do not offer a membership, but it is something that we are looking into for the future.
  • How will I know if these will fit my clubs?
    All driver covers have been tested on full size drivers and will most likely fit any size or brand driver within reason. All blade and mallet are standard size and should fit most blade and mallet putters within reason. All covers should be broken in with care and given time to mold themselves to whatever club your using them on.
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